Skype Interview with Elemotho

Elemotho is a prominent Namibian popular musician. He won a prestigious competition award in France and is giving concerts in Europe and Africa. His songs focus on the beauty of Namibia, storytelling, the human condition, and have a moral. Other topics are anti-war and justice, healing and growth.He is self-trained. It has been said of his sound, “Big-hearted, full throated, energizing Elemotho.” He told me, “Moral education shaped my spirituality.” He feels that all music is spiritual. “Fans ‘cage’ us as musicians,” he said. More from my interview with Elemotho to come.¬†P1000887



One thought on “Skype Interview with Elemotho

  1. This photo was taken in Sossusvlei. “Dead Vlei” was an ancient lake bed dotted with black dead tree stumps, notable amidst the huge dunes. The dunes are stunning with the varying light and shadows.

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